Trade Secrets to Eating Lobster Like a Pro

06 Aug, 2015

Lobster Bakes are a festive summer event to treat yourself to after a long week at work. Lobster is both delicious and fun to eat with friends and family, especially when coupled with live music and the beautiful setting of Green Lake shores.

If you are new to the art of lobster eating, our very own Executive Chef Craig Summers wants to put your mind at ease. He leads the magic behind Heidel House Resort’s menus, including specialty events like Lobster Bakes. He helped us put together these trade secrets so you’re sure to feel confident when you dig in for your first bite.

Plate describing how to eat a lobster.

An informative plate gives a run-down on how to eat a lobster during a Heidel House Lobster Bake.

  1. The first thing you are going to want to do, is wear a bib. You may think that such a thing is childish, but for the sanctity of your clothing, it is highly suggested. You want to be able to concentrate on digging into the wonderful crustacean rather than worrying about dripping butter.
  2. Don’t be afraid to use your hands! There are tools to use, of course, but nothing is better than being able to crack into a freshly cooked lobster with your hands.
  3. The process. Yes, there is a time tested process to the consumption of the savory seafood. Start by divesting the lobster of its claws. Pull each down and away to break it from the body. There is meat in the small arm that can be removed for consumption. Following that, break away the small removable piece of the claw for another dose of succulent meat. For the bigger portion of the claw, we recommend that you use a shell cracker to get to the meat inside. Next are the legs. Pull down and away again to remove them and then crack the thin shell to get to the meat inside. Another way of getting to the meat is to take a toothpick and slide it around to loosen the deliciousness from the shell itself and suck it out.
  4. The Tail. This part might take a little more elbow grease. Essentially, you have to crack the tail from the body and then crack the tail open. Grasp the body and the tail firmly and give a sharp yank with a twist to pardon the pieces from one another. The liver is within it and usually ranges from a light green, to a dark green. This is perfectly edible and many people do eat it. It has a strong flavor though, so it is recommended to scoop it out and taste it, if you haven’t before. Once the tomalley is out (there is some inside of the head likely as well), cut along the back of the tail to peel it apart and reveal the baked meat inside. There will be a black vein that you should remove and discard along with the bits of shell from before.
  5. If you see bright orange or red eggs, also called roe, do not be alarmed. These are perfectly edible as well! All this means, is that you had a female lobster.
  6. Butter it up! Add a few drops of lemon into your butter and dip the meat into it before eating. A delicious way to reward yourself after all the hard work you just did.
Heidel House Resort & Spa Lobster Bake.

Heidel House Lobster Bakes feature a beautiful setting on Green Lake.


And that folks, is how you enjoy a lobster! Come practice this Friday, August 7 or Friday, August 28, 2015 at our Lobster Bakes. Savor made-to-order lobsters and steaks, and a plethora of other delicious seafood and side dishes, and then end the evening with sweet desserts.

Join us from 6 to 8 p.m. Reservations are required and seats sell fast. Lobster Bakes are $55, plus tax and gratuity, per person. Lobster Bakes excluding seafood are $38 per person. Call 800.444.2812 for reservations today.


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