The Holiday Magic of Gingerbread

29 Dec, 2015

One of the many memories of Christmas is the scent of fresh gingerbread. Whether you spent all evening baking and decorating gingerbread cookies, or creating a fanciful house out of the delicious treat, gingerbread is a connection to the holidays that many have. This connection spans centuries and first began in Germany in the 16th century.

Gingerbread is a holiday favorite that has been around for centuries.

Gingerbread is a holiday favorite that has been around for centuries.

One of the possibilities that this connection arose is due to The Grimm Brother’s fairytale, Hansel and Gretel. The siblings stumble upon a gingerbread house in the woods, adorned with candies that they feast on. However, this dessert is far older than that; one of the first recipes for gingerbread comes from Greece in 2400 BC!

This tradition of creating homes out of gingerbread found its way to the New World with the English colonists and from there, the recipes have morphed into the multitude of creations we have today, such as the houses, cutout figures or simply loaves of rich bread.

We love to embrace the classic tradition of building a gingerbread house every year during the Christmas season. Our chefs craft a new display reaching over five feet tall for all to enjoy in Gingerbread Cove, located within the resort lobby.

This year’s giant gingerbread house took:

  • 37 hours of labor from start to finish
  • 27 pounds of brown sugar
  • 72 pounds of flour
  • 36 pounds of shortening

And that was just for the gingerbread itself! For the snowy decorative frosting, we used:

  • 4 cases of eggs
  • 110 pounds of powdered sugar

To finish the transformation into a house, 50 pounds of candy was added.

This year's giant gingerbread house.

This year’s giant gingerbread house.


The 2016 giant gingerbread house is on display in the Heidel House lobby through New Year’s Eve. Resort guests and area residents are welcome to stop and admire the hard work of our chefs, as well as take photos beside the confectionary creation.
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