The Beauty of Giving Thanks

24 Nov, 2015

Saying “thank you” is one of the first manners we learn as a child. As we grow into adults, it becomes a common phrase which we use every day. Thank you for your help. Thank you for this; thank you for that. Sometimes, saying thank you can be taken for granted. That doesn’t mean it is a term that has become useless, though; there is the heartfelt thank you that is used when someone touches our lives in the deepest ways and the term does not seem enough to convey the gratitude we feel.

Spending time with loved ones during Thanksgiving reminds us of the bounty of treasures that is a part of our lives.

Spending time with loved ones during Thanksgiving reminds us of the bounty of treasures that is a part of our lives.

Thanksgiving Day is more than a day of fond memories, parades, football and special dinners. It is also a day of thanks. On Thanksgiving Day we are reminded of the bounty of treasures that is a part of our lives. We spend a few moments before dinner to give thanks for the richness of our lives and for our wonderful family and friends. For too many people, however, the meaning of Thanksgiving ends after these few moments.

If you have a Facebook account I am sure you have one or two friends who have a “gratitude” or “thankful for” post on their page daily in honor of Thanksgiving. It is a beautiful way to think of a positive thought, something we are thankful for every day and to share it with family and friends. Most days it is easier to dwell on what we don’t have or the negative aspects in our lives though. We forget about the wonderful things that happen every day and how truly blessed most of us are in comparison to many.

However, it is important for us to remember that the word thanksgiving is composed of two words: thanks and giving. Through the holiday of Thanksgiving we are reminded to not only give thanks but to also give. Thanksgiving reminds us to share our economic and material wealth with those less fortunate than we are, and to share our time and talents with others who could use our help. In terms of thought and deed, the holiday of Thanksgiving gives us an enriched perspective on the abundance in our lives that we often lose focus of during the rest of the year.

Being thankful and giving thanks to those who help and enhance our lives is an essential part of our inner health and wellbeing. When we help others, it makes us feel better and it uplifts our own sprits. Through assisting others, however large or small the gesture, we come away from the experience feeling enriched and thankful ourselves any time of the year.

In health and happiness,

Druellen Kosti

Evensong Spa Director


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