Planning a Family Spring Break Vacation to Green Lake

27 Feb, 2015

The winter blues have set in. They are past setting in. They are to the point of turning to Netflix, an overflowing bowl of popcorn and hours of no movement, avoiding the ever-so beautiful Mother Nature because she has just been too darn cold.

Step away from Netflix. Put down the popcorn. It’s time to do some spring break planning, to look forward to the upcoming season and the beauty it always promises to bring! This year, we invite you to Green Lake for a family spring break vacation, one of local events, games, swimming and so much more.


  • Let’s start with two words: Indoor Pool. Every kid loves vacation, and an indoor swimming area after months of sitting inside or bundling up to go outside only adds to this excitement. At Heidel House Resort & Spa, a brightly colored indoor pool area invites kids of all ages to hours of simple, water fun. And what’s even better? The parents can enjoy relaxing in a warm whirlpool while also being able to supervise the kids.
  • Just minutes away from Green Lake in Ripon, you’ll find hot air balloon rides at Wisconsin’s Majestic Balloons. Though these rides are more popular May through September, Majestic Balloons is willing to give rides on weekends all year round. Enjoy the beauty of the Green Lake area as it melts away the whites of winter and blooms into the colors of spring.

    Photo Credit: Green Lake Town Square

  • Depending on when you visit, you may be interested in taking your kids to a painting class at Green Lake Town Square. During the month of April, these classes take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Animal Instincts: Open Painting Studio for Kids is a directed art class where the kids choose what they will paint, find the pictures they like and then take it away with brushes in hand. Your children will leave feeling like the next Picasso!
  • Take it back to simple childhood fun with arcade games. During the month of April, Heidel House Resort & Spa will offer a Spring Break Fun Zone with air hockey and arcade games. Additionally, our activities room with ping pong and board games is always available for some friendly family competition.
  • With Mother Nature turning into her friendly, colorful self once again, consider a walk or bike ride on our beautiful area trails. As a family, you may enjoy making a scavenger hunt out of the adventure: Ask your kids to look for different types of birds, blooming flowers, a squirrel or rabbit, tree buds and animal tracks. Who knows what else you might find!
  • Keep the kids busy with children’s activities at Heidel House Resort. During the weekends of March and April, we will set aside time for kids to get together and socialize over activities they love. For example, they may enjoy Crafty Kids, a time for your child’s imagination to soar as they create a memory-filled souvenir from Green Lake. Or, they might choose to enjoy board games, bag toss and adventurous scavenger hunts.

We are happy to help you begin planning your spring break vacation to Green Lake. Visit our activities page for more ideas, or call 800.444.2812 to talk to a reservationist about your trip. We are hopeful you can join us!


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