New Year’s Resolutions

11 Jan, 2018

January. A whole new year, although it will be mid-February before I remember to write 2018. January is also when I set my New Year’s resolutions and about the same time that I remember the correct year, I will have given up on my new goals.

Studies show eighty percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February.

Studies show eighty percent of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February.

Studies show eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. By February! How can you ever hope to achieve success with this New Year’s resolution? A 2017 study by Google showed the most common resolutions made, and interestingly enough Evensong Spa can help with quite a few.

Get Healthy and Lose Weight

OK, this is always the tough one, and it’s really tough because essentially, the responsibility is solely on you. A regular exercise routine can be sidetracked for any number of reasons: it’s hard, life and kids and job and spouses get in the way, and sometimes it can be painful!  Being sore when starting or extending a workout kills the vibe in a hurry and before any noticeable progress can be observed.

How the spa can assist: Super sore? Massage is a great way to alleviate soreness and sooth muscles that are tight after workouts. A pre-exercise massage is a useful way to increase or decrease the stimulation of nerve cells keeping ligaments, tendons, and muscles loose and flexible. Blood circulation throughout the body is also enhanced during a massage. Enhanced range of motion can also assist in providing a more effective and safe workout.  It’s important to note that proper stretching and warming up is still necessary before beginning exercise.

Post-exercise massage is extremely beneficial by allowing the mind and body to relax. It also improves recovery time by allowing the byproducts from the metabolism to be carried away from the muscles more efficiently. Research has proven that a post-exercise massage can speed up recovery time twice as fast as regular rest, mainly due to the improved blood flow and nutrient distribution.

Unplug and less Social Media

How the spa can assist: We agree, and there’s no place better to unwind than in our Relaxation Room at Evensong. We’ve often said that a spa visit here can be like a round of golf – feel free to take four or five hours. Relax in the men’s- or women’s-only locker rooms, where there is a whirlpool and a steam room to enjoy. Enjoy a healthy lunch in our Spa Café, and finish your day with a tranquil walk on our 11 circuit Labyrinth. Put the cell phone away. You won’t need it here.

Travel More; Spend Less; Live Life to the Fullest

These are three separate resolutions that are on Google’s list, but we feel like they can be achieved together. You can cover the first by visiting Heidel House Resort on beautiful Green Lake. After that, here are a couple of options. We have several overnight packages that enable you to get away, and save money while you relax. Our Girlfriends Getaway package is a great way to catch up with family or friends and make beautiful memories. The Honeymoon Anytime package gets you and your special someone together for one-on -one together time enjoying our signature Inner Journey massages, side by side in our couple’s suite.

If you can wait until March be sure to check into our Brew Fest Event. Featuring over 100 different microbrews from over 50 different breweries. Heidel House Resort’s annual craft beer tasting event is one beer enthusiasts would hate to miss. Mix and mingle with brewery representatives as they pour samples of their finest microbrews in souvenir tasting glasses. Evensong Spa also has some fun and healthful ways to celebrate Brew Fest with beer infused spa treatments! Now that is living life to the fullest!


In health and happiness

Druellen Kosti

Evensong Spa director


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