How to Beat the Heat this Summer

13 Aug, 2018

Everyone always gets excited for summer because it means longer days, warm weather and vacation. However, for many of us, it is also the hardest season to figure out what to do with our hair! From sweat to humidity to chlorine, our hair is essentially at war all summer long. Don’t you worry though; we sat down with Heather, Evensong Spa stylist, and Dru, Evensong Spa Director, and asked them about popular hair styles and color trends for the season as well as products they swear by to battle the summer elements.

These are just some of the products we have available at the spa!

These are just some of the products we have available at the spa!

Hair Styles

Dru was quick to cite braids as one of the most popular summer hair styles. With so many different variations of braids, you can easily (with a little bit of practice) achieve several hairstyles that will keep you cool while still looking cute this summer. Dru’s favorite braided style is to wrap a braid around the base of a pony tail to hide the elastic. It’s quick, easy and it adds a little something to your pony tail! Another way to dress up a braid is to add beaded pins. Feeling crafty? Dru says you can add your own touch (and save a little money!) by purchasing beads or gems from a craft store and hot gluing them to a hair pin.

Another popular trend this season is the beachy waves look. To pull off this look, Dru and Heather suggest using salt or sugar sprays to enhance the natural texture and curl of your hair. This is the easiest, most effective way to get that effortless wave that you are going for.

Maintaining either of these looks throughout the day requires the right product. Heather’s favorite product is the Radically Smooth Serum that you put in wet hair to help prevent flyways when you style your hair. It’s almost like spandex for your hair – it keeps everything in place! She also suggests using a shampoo and conditioner duo that is specifically formulated for curly hair and frizz to help fight the “poof” that many people experience when the humidity escalates in the summer. To finish off your look, consider using a product such as an Anti-Frizz Oil that will work with the product you already have in your hair to keep those flyaways at bay. Dru says “less is more when it comes to adding finishing products; you can always add more but you can’t take it out when your style is already done.”

Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Creme and Weatherproof Spray are key products to combat the humidity.

Anti-Frizz Blow Dry Creme and Weatherproof Spray are key products to combat the humidity.

For those of you who have thin hair and struggle to achieve a voluminous style, Dru highly recommends PowderFix! It works so well for her; she can poof her hair better than most people with thick hair when she uses this product.


Considering coloring your hair? Heather says that the ombre/balayage coloring technique is still very popular. It is also a coloring technique that does not require as much maintenance as a full coloring or highlights because the root color is generally your natural hair color, so it is not as noticeable when your hair grows. Tone on tone coloring is another trending color technique. This is when colors from the same color family are layered on top of each other, such as medium caramel with a light caramel. It helps to break up a solid, dull hue and gives a whole new life to your current color.

Summer weather can be tough on your hair! We hope you were able to get ideas about hair styles and products to try that will help you conquer the heat and humidity this summer.
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