Heidel House Garden Featured in Grey Rock’s Newest Farm to Table Dish

01 Sep, 2016

Amanda Fendryk, Grey Rock’s lead chef has led the charge in bringing in locally sourced ingredients from all over the state for the Farm to Table initiative. This month, she’s gone a little closer to home: Heidel House’s very own garden.

David is hanging out in the gardens with several of the vegetables that will be featured this September.

David is hanging out in the gardens with several of the vegetables that will be featured this September.

Our Grounds team, headed by David Nick, grounds supervisor, planted the garden at the beginning of the season. Bursting with herbs and vegetables, many of them are just beginning to ripen into perfection so that they can be used. Among them are several herbs, such as fresh basil and oregano, as well as vegetables such as tomatoes and squash.

Heidel House’s garden was planted years ago, but began strictly as an herb garden. This past year, David, with the help of Jamie Kosti, planted vegetables as well, ranging from tomatoes to several varieties of peppers, eggplants and many more. Being able to source from our very own gardens in not just Grey Rock’s Farm to Table dish, but in all of our dishes, is important to them.

Try this month's Farm to Table dish before it's gone!

Try this month’s Farm to Table dish before it’s gone!

You can try Heidel House’s very own fresh herbs and vegetables in this month’s Farm to Table special. Enjoy baked salmon, which has been pan seared, topped with a savory pesto sauce made from basil and oregano picked right from our garden. The salmon is served with chef’s choice of sautéed garden vegetables and spring blend; all coming from our garden as well. This dish will be available all through the month of September.

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