“Guest’s needs are a priority and she works to meet those.”

10 Sep, 2014

Sandra Sanchez lands People Pleaser of the Month award for July 2014.

Every month, Heidel House Resort & Spa chooses a well-deserving associate to be named People Pleaser of the Month. Sandra Sanchez, onboard as a Heidel House associate for just over three years, is our most recent winner.

Sandra’s nomination comes from executive chef Craig Summers. “Sandra does an outstanding job every day,” said Summers. “Very efficient with her time, Sandra is always looking ahead, staying busy and planning for the upcoming days. Her communication is key to her success – she does very well at keeping the chefs filled in on each day’s plan.”

Summers goes on to speak highly of Sandra’s dedication to pleasing Heidel House Resort & Spa guests. “Sandra continually works to improve the culinary team’s level of customer service,” explained Summers. “Guest’s needs are a priority and she works to meet those.”

While Sandra’s work ethic is an obvious winner, her positive attitude is just as impressive. “She is a happy worker and we are happy to have her on our team,” said Summers.




In the photo above, Scott Krause, general manager, is pictured with Sandra at Heidel House Resort in front of our China Box Roaster used for Pig Roasts. To most people, this roaster just looks like a wooden box. Essentially, though, it’s like a convection oven that cooks three times faster than conventional ways while keeping the meat moist and cooking the skin to a crispy, golden brown.

You have not seen a feast until you’ve been to one of our Pig Roasts – picture an endless table of fruit, desserts, side salads, potatoes, chicken wings and, obviously, PORK!

Our last Pig Roast is Wednesday, Sept. 24. To make your reservations, call 800.444.2812.

And on that note, Heidel House Resort & Spa is very proud of all of our associates. We happily congratulate Sandra on a job well done! She is now eligible for the People Pleaser of the Year award.


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