Go ahead and Soak up the Sun!

17 Jul, 2018

We are all used to hearing about the damaging effects of the sun. While it is always recommended to protect your skin while enjoying outdoor activities, there are some great benefits to adding a dose of sunshine to your day!

Sunlight has several health benefits.

Sunlight has several health benefits.


Vitamin D – Our bodies require sunlight to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in strengthening muscles, bones and the body’s immune system. It may also lower the risk of getting some kinds of cancers such as colon cancer.

Treating certain skin conditions – One example is psoriasis, a condition that occurs when the skin sheds its cells too quickly, which results in itchy, scaly patches. It can be treated with exposure to UV rays. UV rays slow the growth of the skin cells, resulting in symptom relief.

Mood booster – Research suggests that sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain that produces mood improving chemicals called ‘tryptamines’.

Like anything, too much sun is not a good thing and may lead to sunburn, which we all know can have damaging effects on our health. Along with being plain old uncomfortable, sunburns can also increase the signs of aging, and in some cases can lead to dangerous conditions such as melanoma. When sunburned, using natural methods will help your skin recover quickly.

Our best tips for natural sunburn care:

Aloe Vera – Fresh Aloe Vera, from the plant, is the best for sunburned skin as it provides comfort for the burn and it aids in hydrating the skin. It is important to use a product that is 100% aloe, if you do not have access to a plant, instead of other products that only contain aloe as an ingredient as these products tend to have extra fillers that are unnecessary and costly.

Hydrate – Being well hydrated will help your skin feel better and avoid excessive peeling. Drink additional amounts of water to hydrate from the inside and apply a hydrating lotion or oil on the outside.  A staff favorite here at the spa is our Farmhouse Fresh Quinsyberry Body Oil. Made with blackcurrant extract and rich in vitamin C, it’s perfect for quenching the thirst and replenishing the softness of your skin. We also swear by Eminence Stone Crop Serum to almost instantly remove redness and soothe delicate skin on noses and cheeks.

Essential Oils – Essential oils have several health benefits. In terms of sunburn, they can help relieve inflammation and repair your skin quickly. Peppermint oil is excellent at cooling and relieving pain from sunburn. Simply combine 10-15 drops of natural peppermint oil and 6 ounces of water in a spray bottle and mix in a pinch of salt. Mist the peppermint tonic onto the sunburn and enjoy its effects!

Lavender and frankincense essential oils mixed with a carrier oil such as sesame or coconut oils are also helpful in repairing sun damaged skin. Mix a few drops into an ounce of either carrier oil and apply directly to burned areas. Many essential oil users report great success using this combination to prevent peeling and aid in rapid recovery of their skin.

Get a Facial – Our Seven Circuit Facial provides our guests with the unique care they need, including the after effects of sun damage. We advise waiting a couple days after the initial burn so that the skin has time to begin its healing process. We use exfoliation to combat the sun damage and special anti-oxidant serums and masks to repair and hydrate damaged skin.

Taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day is what most of us look forward to when we get the opportunity to do so. Now you can feel even better taking in the beautiful, warm sunshine!

In Health and Happiness,
Druellen Kosti
Evensong Spa Director


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