Evensong Expertise: Hair Removal by Shelley Smith

13 Mar, 2015

With summer right around the corner, there is grooming to be done! Manicures? Check. Pedicures? Oh, of course. Hair color? Most definitely! What about hair removal? Face, legs, bikini line – Shelley Smith, a licensed Evensong Spa Esthetician, has you covered.

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Shelley has worked at Evensong Spa for eight years. Her position includes being the service lead, training all incoming estheticians and manicurists and creating new seasonal services; she describes this as her “dream job.” Recently turning 40, Shelley’s passion is in skin care, which includes hair removal. In addition to having experience with waxing, Shelley is also familiar with depilatory, removing the hair through dissolving.


Shelley Smith, Evensong Spa Esthetician

Learn more about hair removal from Shelly herself:

I started in the spa industry 13 years ago as a Licensed Manicurist. My career grew from there. I became very interested in skin care early on and had the opportunity to get myself through Esthetician school in 2006. I’ve worked at two different salons since. I began at Evensong Spa in 2006 and this is where I work today. I truly consider this my dream job. I am currently the Service Lead and train all Estheticians and Manicurists as well as create all seasonal services for the spa and assist in writing the spa menu and protocols for my area.

Today, my passion is in skincare. Now that I’m 40, I’m concentrated on keeping youthful skin. I have been experiencing new facial hair, having to try different ways of removing it.  As an esthetician, I can say waxing is the fastest way to remove hair. If you wax regularly after time, less hair will grow back; this is why we are seeing more and more eyebrow pencils being used. The trend we are coming off of was to have thin, arched eyebrows, and now, we are moving into the thicker brow, so women are having trouble getting that thick brow back.

Once you have waxed your brows, lip or chin, you can tweeze at home for those few hairs that return faster than others. You can buy at-home kits to wax but you need to be cautious of peeling skin, burning yourself or simply pulling in the wrong direction. My tips for using at-home kits include: check your wax temperature on the inside of your wrist; apply some sort of powder to the area you are waxing to ensure the wax will stick to your hair and not your skin; and for removal, apply the wax with the hair growth direction and pull in the opposite direction.

Leg waxing at home can become messy; after the first few pulls you may even want to give up. Having a professional wax will make this process much less of a hassle. Your esthetician should be able to wax a very large area in a short amount of time. When waxing anywhere on your body, the skin should be pulled tight to ensure a clean wax and reduced pain. This is most important in the thigh and bikini area. Here’s a tip: Take a warm bath or shower just before you go in for a bikini wax to help open the pores; also be sure to trim your pubic hair. This is always one of those subjects not readily talked about. Hair needs to be at least a ¼ inch long to be able to wax, but you don’t want hair too long; it can tangle and the wax will catch the ends of hair you may not want removed or simply cause unwanted pain during the service.

Shaving the bikini area is still popular with women who are more than 50 years old; I don’t see too many women over 50 getting bikini waxes; this is definitely a trend for the younger crowd who are wearing those teeny tiny bikinis. Most women 50 years or older who come in for a bikini wax tend to have dark hair that still shows under the skin after shaving.

As for depilatory (dissolving the hair), I am not a fan. I don’t feel it removes all of the hair, and it can lead to skin reactions for someone sensitive. I’ve also heard women tell me they are sitting on the edge of the tub for up to 30 minutes trying to get ready for swimsuit season, yet not achieving the results they want.

For all those stubborn dark hairs that just don’t want to leave your body, tweezing or waxing is the key. For those thinner, white hairs, I have three words: Shave, shave, shave. That’s right, even your face. Women need to understand that this may be an easy option for them to get rid of facial hair at home. Not only is the razor taking off the hair, but it is giving your skin slight exfoliation. It is different for all women, though; some women get this peach fuzz all over their face and others get long dark hairs, especially along the chin area and upper lip. If you are in a hurry and can’t make it to the spa or salon to wax, just grab a razor; no one needs to know. And for all the women with the peach fuzz, your only option is to wax or shave; those tiny white hairs aren’t going anywhere with a laser.

Finally, remember skin becomes thinner and more delicate as you age, so skin must be pulled tight! A majority of women develop an increase in facial hair. Here are a few more tips: if the hair is tiny and white, try to wax or shave; if the hair is coarse and dark, try wax or consider laser hair removal.

Evensong Spa has waxing services available. Call 920.294.3347 to inquire or make appointments.


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