Beer Benefits the Skin, Too

19 Feb, 2015

Here at Heidel House Resort & Spa, we’re getting excited over a Wisconsin favorite, and that’s beer. Why? Because Brew Fest is just over a month away. And, to celebrate Heidel House Resort’s 4th annual Brew Fest, Evensong Spa has created enticing and tasty ways to enjoy your favorite brews with benefits!


Why beer?

Over the past few years, studies have shown the beautifying benefits of beer. Most beers are made from ingredients rich with selenium, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B1 and B3.

Coincidently enough, with February being Heart Awareness Month, you may be interested to learn beer is known to decrease the incidence of heart diseases by approximately 20 to 40 percent. Though drinking beer is okay, it is important to consume responsibly. Moderate consumption of beer results in an increase in HDL and a decrease in LDL along with an improvement in both.

Beer is also known to have antibacterial properties that protect against infections within the stomach. If it’s so good for your insides, surely it can be just as good for your outside. Back in the day, ancient Romans used beer baths to sweat out toxins, exfoliate their skin and infuse the body with vitamins. All of this led to clearer skin and improved immune systems.

Thousands of years later, we’re discovering these ancient Romans were onto something. It turns out that brewer’s yeast helps slow down sebum production and therefore reduces potential acne breakouts.

It also helps kill the bacteria that cause acne. Inactive yeast, on the other hand, helps maintain your skin’s pH balance. Who knew?!

Now, with this research in mind, we’ve created two beer-inspired spa services. Each service incorporates beer and each includes a pint of New Glarus beer to enjoy during the service. The Renew & Brew Bath Cure and Honey & Hops Pedicure will be available March 1 through March 31.

Renew & Brew Bath Cure: $50

Start with a frothy beer bath, a potent brew of dark ale and mineral water to purify the skin. The beer bubbles perform a subtle massage, tingling as it touches your skin, and then warms and opens up skin pores allowing toxins to escape. The hops function as a purifying agent exfoliating dry, dull skin. The active beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides while contributing to overall softening and regeneration of the skin. To add to the relaxation experience, enjoy a pint of your favorite New Glarus brew while you soak your stress away!

The duration of our beer bath treatment is 20 minutes – this is the optimum time, allowing the positive effect of all the particular bath ingredients to improve both your physical and mental well-being. After the bath, we recommend you spend the next 20 minutes in the relaxation room to stabilize the positive effects of the treatment.

Hops & Honey Pedicure: $75 Pedicure

Enjoy a warm foot soak with a touch of beer while enjoying a cold one! The natural antibacterial effects clean and sanitize while yeast enzymes in the beer soften and exfoliate dry skin and callouses; your skin will feel absolutely renewed. Sit back and sip your choice of New Glarus beer while your feet and calves are massaged with a lime salt scrub, followed by a super hydrating citrus lotion. Finish with our divine honey-based moisture serum that seals in moisture and brings rich color back to tired feet.

With each service, guests can choose from New Glarus Spotted Cow, Blacktop, Moon Man and Fat Squirrel. I hope to see you at the spa, relaxing and sipping on a brew. Until then, cheers!

In health and happiness,
Druellen Kosti
Spa Director


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