A Winter Vacation in Green Lake, Wisconsin: How Should I Prepare?

20 Nov, 2014

Traveling in Wisconsin during the winter is simply unpredictable. Mother Nature is sure to surprise you – one day it might be 45 and sunny, the next -30 and sleeting. To help you prepare for your road trip to Green Lake, we’ve put together a quick list of winter traveling tips.

1. Pack layers.

It is important to pack a variety of clothing for recreation activities while staying at Heidel House Resort & Spa. For example, if it’s relatively warm and sunny during your stay, you may be interested in taking a walk downtown to shop in the local boutiques. In that case, you’ll want the option to dress warm from store to store, but shed layers while shopping. There are a variety of area attractions and activities listed on our website to help you decide what clothing will best suit your needs.

2. Don’t forget your snow boots! (And hats, mittens, coats, scarves and blankets.)

As we already said – and all Wisconsinites know to be true – Mother Nature can be quite indecisive. Because there’s no way of knowing if the weather man/woman is on point the days you’ll be traveling, we suggest packing all the winter necessities. Having your hats, mittens, coats, scarves and even a few blankets will keep you and your passengers much more comfortable if you happen to have a vehicle break down.

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3. Keep an eye on the weather.

To best avoid having to actually use those winter clothes listed above, keep a close eye on the weather in the Green Lake area. If you are traveling a distance, give yourself enough time to get to and from Heidel House Resort & Spa as area road conditions can vary from city to city.

4. Look ahead at upcoming events.

The Green Lake area is a wonderful place to be in the winter months for local events. The Thrasher Opera House has regular music and theatre performances, Vines & Rushes Winery is open for tasting and hosts events year round and Grey Rock has live entertainment every Saturday, just to name a few. Check out our events page to see what is occurring during your stay.

5. Bring your swimsuit. (Yes, your swimsuit!)

Warm up during your winter vacation by relaxing in one of our whirlpools. If you’re looking for something just an elevator ride away from your room, head over to our indoor pool area at the resort. If a more tranquil setting is your style, you can purchase access to Evensong Spa facilities, which allows you to enjoy the whirlpool among other spa amenities.

We wish you warmth as the winter weather creeps in. Safe travels!


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