5 Ways to Re-Charge Your Team in 2019

23 Jan, 2019

The New Year is a popular time for many people to clean their houses, get rid of unused items, clear their minds and set resolutions for the upcoming year. What many people don’t think about right away is that the New Year is also a great time to recharge their workplace teams. We came up with five ways that you can use to re-charge your team in 2019.

Re-Charge Your Team at Heidel House Resort & Spa

Re-Charge Your Team at Heidel House Resort & Spa

  1. Create a Wellness Committee

Having a healthy staff is an essential part of having a productive New Year. When people think of wellness, the first thing that comes to mind is being free of illness. While that certainly is a part of being well, mental and physical wellness are also key aspects of an individual’s overall well-being. Create a wellness committee that will implement wellness activities to ensure that your team is totally healthy and ready to take on 2019. We have a wellness committee here at Heidel House who regularly implements wellness activities such as the walking challenge and the water challenge. They set a goal, spread the word about the challenge and get as many associates to participate as possible to help reach the goal.

  1. Reorganize the office

It’s human nature to collect “things” as we go about our days, both at work and at home. In no time at all these “things” we collect can take over our workspace and lead to a cluttered, messy space. This extra, unnecessary clutter can lead to an unproductive work day, which is why organizations should set aside an afternoon where their team members can get rid of anything they no longer need and reorganize their workspaces. This also goes for community areas that several team members use. Can you think of one storage area or closet that you visit frequently that is complete and utter chaos? As a team, take some time to reorganize this area and label where everything should be put back to ensure that it does not become a chaotic mess shortly after you organize it.

  1. Celebrate accomplishments/special occasions

Most people enjoy a little break during their workday and, really, who doesn’t like a party? Gather the team to celebrate milestones, team accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Start the year with a celebration of all the hard work your team did in 2018 and use that energy to carry forward in 2019.

  1. Hand out healthy snacks/host a healthy meal

One way to reward your team’s hard work is with free food or snacks throughout the month. Don’t forget about those New Year’s resolutions though! Handing out healthy snacks (fruits, granola bars, mixed nuts, etc.) in the morning can break your team members from their mid-morning slump and keep them energized until lunch. Go a step further and order in lunch, or, if you really want to impress your team you can bring in a chef and hold a cooking class! Not only would this be an exciting change to a normal lunch break, but it can help your team improve their cooking skills by learning how to make a new, healthy dish. At Heidel House Resort & Spa, our award-winning chefs host private cooking classes for group meetings and team building activities.

  1. Team Building

Team building is an important part of every group, big or small. Effective team building activities can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses of team members, improve communication and enhance problem solving skills. This information can then be used to increase the productivity of your team. Team building is also a great way to foster positive relationships between team members!


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