5 Types of People at Beer Festivals

14 Mar, 2018

With our own beer festival, Brew Fest, coming up in a couple weeks, we’ve put together a list of five different types of people you encounter at beer festivals.

  1. The Pros.
    These people have been going to beer festivals since before you were born. They know a lot about the brewing process and talk in beer-lingo that you hardly understand. These people also have the best stories, usually starting with: “I remember my first beer festival . . .”
  2. The Newbies.
    These people stick out like a sore thumb. They have the deer-in-the-headlights look because they are either overwhelmed at the number of samples available, or the fact that it is unlimited sampling. They are also the first ones to hit the ground running (so to speak), forget to eat between sampling and end up in the nearest bathroom two hours into the event.
  3. That one person who does not know how to walk in crowds.
    We all know someone like this. No matter where they are, they just can’t seem to figure out how to navigate a crowd. They will spend the entire festival trapped or causing a traffic jam while somehow managing to spill their samples on nearby festival goers. Come on guys, it’s like driving, keep to the right and stick with the speed of traffic. Oh, you are a bad driver? We would have never guessed that. Watch out for these people.
  4. The guy with the best beard, and he knows it.
    Craft beer festivals are also secret gatherings for the “who has the best beard” club. These guys are used to people staring at them and asking them “how long have you been growing that bad boy?” Listen to us, don’t stare too long and please do not ask them how long they have been growing their beards. They don’t want to answer you, they just want to get more beer and they already know they have an awesome beard.
  5. That person who doesn’t even like beer but got talked into going because his/her friends were going.
    We all have that one friend who doesn’t like beer in general or who likes watered-down domestic beer. Either way, it’s a tragedy. These people are usually hanging out in the back of the group still sipping their sample from 5 breweries ago. These people also have a high degree of FOMO (fear of missing out) which is the main reason they are here, but they also are smart and know that there will be a massive amount of food available and who doesn’t like free food?
Brew Fest is Saturday, March 24.

Brew Fest is Saturday, March 24.

Heidel House Resort & Spa is hosting its 7th annual Brew Fest on Saturday, March 24. 51 craft breweries from around the nation will be pouring over 100 of their best microbrews for attendees to sample. Tickets to this tasting event include a souvenir glass, unlimited sampling from 3:30 – 7:30 PM, live entertainment and appetizers.

Only a limited number of tickets are sold each year, and we are getting down to the bottom of available ones, so we’re giving one lucky beer lover the opportunity to win a pair of Brew Fest tickets!

To enter:

  1. You must tag your drinking partner (21+) and give them a number from the list above in the comments of the original Facebook post
  2. For an extra entry, you can share the original post (don’t forget to make it public so we can see it) and tag your drinking partner with #BrewFestGiveaway2018 (or it will not count).

That’s all! How easy is that?

Entry period is Wednesday, March 14 – March 19 at 12 p.m., central. The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on Heidel House Resort & Spa’s Facebook page on March 19 at 3 p.m., central.

See official rules.


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