5 Reasons to Visit Green Lake Conference Center This Summer

15 Jun, 2015

Green Lake Conference Center

1. Time Travel: While it’s not exactly time travel, but it’s pretty darn close. The Green Lake area has an incredibly rich history dating back to the early 1800s. “The first people to walk our grounds were Winnebago Indians.” In fact, nearly 500 Winnebago Indians camped around Green Lake – because their belief was that the Water Spirit lived here, every Winnebago had to come here once during their lifetime to worship.

The Winnebago Indians were followed by periods of pioneer settlers, the Lawson family, a Stone Development Company, a temporary WWII German POW Camp and a Baptist Assembly. The Green Lake Conference Center (GLCC) provides this vast historic information on its website, but also shares this history on its grounds. Check out the Log House museum, Memory Lane, No Hurry Boat and Chapel Car Grace.

2. Ultimate Vision: On the top of Judson Tower, you will actually feel you have ultimate vision as you look over most of Green Lake, standing on the observation platform 140 feet above the lake. This water tower, originally built in 1908, is named in honor of pioneer Baptist missionaries Ann and Adoniram Judson. Back then, the 75,000 gallon tank “irrigated fields and roads with horse-drawn sprinklers.”

Disc Golf

Disc Golf at Green Lake Conference Center

If climbing Judson Tower, you’ll notice a lighted cross sitting on top – the Kansas Baptist Youth organized a drive to place this cross here in 1945, which now serves as a beacon to Green Lake guests and local residents. You can choose to climb the 121 spiral steps up Judson Tower, or enjoy five smaller towers throughout the GLCC grounds.

3. Soar like an eagle! …you won’t, your disc might. The GLCC is a wonderful place to bring friends or family for disc golf. And, don’t shy away just because you’ve never played before. Disc golf is scored like the traditional game of golf, provides fun and entertainment for all ages and doesn’t require any tee times.

At GLCC, the game allows you to enjoy spectacular scenery while also partaking in some friendly competition. The only equipment needed are discs –very similar to Frisbees – which are available at GLCC.

Additionally, the Green Lake Conference Center is home to the esteemed Golf Courses of Lawsonia. Visit Lawsonia.com to learn about the Links and Woodlands courses.

4. Visit All Corners of the World: In 1982, Worldwide Gifts was established in Southern California “as a ministry of the Pacific Southwest region of the American Baptist Churches USA.” A permanent location was moved to Green Lake in 1995; this location is known as Worldwide Gifts of Green Lake.


Explore Dawson Prairie for some fresh air and exercise.

Not only is this store a neat place to find yourself or a friend unique world memorabilia, such as clothing, jewelry, greeting cards and home décor, but it also “brings hope and sufficiency to people around the world,” providing many international crafters the opportunities to experience better lives.

5. “And I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more.” Okay, so we don’t expect you to enjoy walking an entire 500 miles, but the GLCC property does provide opportunities to walk beautiful trails through various areas.

Dawson Prairie gives you access to 54 acres of restored land. “Mowed trails wind through 100 species of native grasses and wildflowers, blooming late spring through September. Abundant wildlife including deer, birds and butterflies inhabit the prairie.” For a less nature-like walk, consider Shore Drive, which takes you along the lake and past stately houses.

To continue exploring GLCC’s property and the beauty of Green Lake, take a trek on Hammer’s Trail, a wooded hike that begins in the Tea House area, or Winnebago Trail, originally used by the Winnebago Indians following the shoreline and beginning near the Teen water tower.

Information from GLCC website.


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