10 Years: Then & Now

31 Aug, 2016

A decade has passed since Evensong Spa broke ground and opened in 2006. Evensong Spa associates Dawn Carstensen (Cosmetologist), Crystal Toll (Lead Massage Therapist) and Shelley Smith (Lead Esthetician) have been a part of Evensong since the very beginning, and took a moment to reflect on the journey of the past 10 years.

Shelley Smith, Crystal Toll and Dawn Carstenson stand inside the labyrinth as they recall their past 10 years at Evensong.

Shelley Smith, Crystal Toll and Dawn Carstenson stand inside the labyrinth as they recall their past 10 years at Evensong.

“It’s special to have been here since the beginning,” Dawn began. “Making it what it is, making it a reality, it’s truly wonderful.”

When the three first walked into the spa, Evensong was still under construction. The building as it was then, and now, are much the same. When you step inside, it’s as though you’ve been transported to another world. The scents, the natural tones and colors, it all combines to instill a sense of tranquility which has been Evensong’s mission from the very beginning. The labyrinth, too, the spa’s focal point, has been a major part in offering guests a way of attaining serenity of the mind since construction.

“Since I’ve walked through the doors of Evensong, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years,” Crystal said with a smile. “Being a native to Green Lake, it felt like this is where I belonged; and every day is rewarding and a chance to meet people from all walks of life.” When asked what her favorite memory is, Crystal spoke about how she could remember her very first client and how they still come on a regular basis to see her.

Shelley’s fondest memories over the years have been seeing the clients that were new 10 years ago, become regulars who still come in even now to experience the various services that Evensong has to offer. “Seeing them come in, it brings a little bit of sparkle to my week,” Shelley stated. “You build relationships with them.”

But it isn’t just creating the best guest experience that has the three coming back each day. It’s also the time they get to spend with one another. Dawn, Crystal and Shelley have grown to be a family, and they love to keep each other energized between services. Watch them closely, and you may even catch them karate chopping each other from around corners (playfully, of course). Keeping each other happy and motivated is the first step to ensuring the happiness of the guest.

For the three of them, the most rewarding aspect of working at Evensong Spa over the past decade has been the ability to help people. Dawn finds gratitude in helping guests relax and feel their best. Shelley agreed wholeheartedly and stated, “What makes my work rewarding is just honest to goodness making peoples’ days better.”

Crystal summed up the group’s feelings simply. “It has been rewarding being here from the start and seeing Evensong evolve, and become what it is today. I hope in another ten years, I’ll be asked what twenty years feels like.”

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