Enhance Your Meeting Productivity With Relaxation

24 Dec, 2015

This article first appeared on MidwestMeetings.com.

By Amber Boardman, spa sales manager at Heidel House Resort & Spa

Relaxation encourages productivity. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? Yet, if you have been in the workforce, you have a good idea that downtime is an inevitable occurrence. From allowing occasional chat across offices to web surfing and office parties, many employers understand that employees need time to recharge.

Relaxation can be more productive than you think. Take a break and recharge your mind before diving back into work.

Relaxation can be more productive than you think. Take a break and recharge your mind before diving back into work.

What if employers took this a step further and harnessed the idea of productive relaxation? The benefits would surprise them. Think Google: A company with an out-of-the-box mindset from management down, their hands off approach inspires amazingly imaginative relaxation and productivity. This is becoming a growing trend in the workforce, and for good reason. We achieve a work-life balance by quieting the mind and encouraging insight and refocusing.

When it comes to off-site events, Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort has many options to assist corporate teams in renewing their mind, body and spirit. By giving staff a break from the monotony of meetings, they are enabled a fresh view, which fosters better communication and cultivates innovative ideas. Unique options include a relaxing yoga class before or after meetings or a meditation class to calm down their thoughts and open doors to creativity.

Embracing a wellness approach to team building is rewarding not only for the individuals involved, but the companies they work for.


Amber Boardman, Spa Sales Manager

Amber Boardman is the spa sales manager for Evensong Spa at Heidel House Resort in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Boardman assists groups in tailoring a wellness experience that enhances their visit and provides them with tools to incorporate into their daily lives. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, she is no stranger to the hospitality business. Prior to this position, Boardman was a certified guest service trainer and supervisor at Walt Disney World Resort.


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